The reimagining of a fanzine by D. Ryder, Brainstorm attempts to get the user to think about text in new ways.  The game takes the form of a line of moving text that's being narrated by a monotone speaker. The player can then either press up or down to move to the upper text or lower text. The upper text is peaceful, where calm music plays and a happy narrator points out the pleasant words. But the lower text is frightening, where the music is eerie and an angry narrator points out the distressing words. However, all of the texts are the exact same, showing that the way something is presented influences how it's interpreted. The player can also pause, fast forward, and rewind the text to make them feel like they have complete control over the words. Brainstorm lets players play around with actual text, making them think about it like never before.

- Narration by Katie Roshelli