A rock paper scissors spin off, Rockerscizz pits two players against each other, until one comes out the victor. Players have the option of throwing either rock, paper, or scissors, with the hopes of breaking through their opponent's attack. Players can also charge up their attacks to make them speed toward their opponent more quickly. After one player attacks, they have to wait on their opponent to attack, unless the last attack ended in a tie. This back and forth of attacks makes for a fast paced game, and the attacks even speed up until a point is over. So players have to think quickly to beat their opponents. And although players have a small set of moves available, they still know the game has a wide range of possibilities, as they think through their attacks carefully and try to get into the heads of their opponents. Rockerscizz actually takes a lot away from traditional rock paper scissors, but makes the game into a new, more entertaining experience.